Viewing the State Highway through a customer-tinted lens. Philip van der Wel, Lonrix


The NZ Transport Agency manages the maintenance and renewal of the State Highway Network from a road safety, asset management and value for money perspective.  But how well is the Network being managed from a customer point-of-view? This question led the Agency to work with Lonrix Ltd in developing a custom ranking algorithm where the Network was analysed with an emphasis on customer perception, the results for which were to be displayed geo-spatially. In the analysis, road condition and maintenance data was used to approximate the customer experience via three categories: Customer Safety (skid resistance, texture, and rutting), Customer Comfort (roughness), and Customer Inconvenience (maintenance). The presentation will focus on the mechanics behind the algorithm; ranking, mapping, and surrounding functionality; and where to from here…

Philip started his civil engineering career working in the contracting environment, where he was involved in PSMC and NOC contracts. During this time he also studied towards and completed his Diploma in Civil Engineering. Since 2015 he has worked for Lonrix Limited, where he manages projects and customer support for the JunoViewer Asset Management framework. Philip is experienced in data analysis and works with many engineering clients in New Zealand and overseas to design and create software features and developments, some of which are specifically tailored for the NOC contract domain.