Unblocking the flow of data. Danny Fitzgerald, Fulton Hogan


Organisations who are strongly focused on data-driven decision making have four per cent higher productivity overall, and six per cent higher profits, according to the Harvard Business Review.  Data-driven, or evidence based, decision making relies on the provision of timely, accurate, useful information, however many organisations still struggle to facilitate the healthy management practices that are required to underpin good quality data.  In this presentation, Fulton Hogan will reflect on our experience of providing a live drainage inspections dashboard to over thirty road maintenance contracts across New Zealand.  Poor data management in relation to these assets has the potential to impact our renewal programme development, investment decision making, asset valuations and Level of Service delivery.  We will share what we believe are the hurdles to good quality data, and what we have done to tackle them, to ensure the data contained in this and other critical datasets are fit for purpose.

Danny Fitzgerald is the Information Systems Manager for Road Maintenance at Fulton Hogan.  He is passionate about pairing people with technology, and is responsible for identifying, and subsequently implementing, technology that improves the efficiency of Fulton Hogan’s road maintenance business in New Zealand.