The new Candidate Selection Algorithm Project: What, Who, Why, When. Mike Tapper, Beca

This project currently being undertaken seeks to achieve two objectives.  The first is to implement improvements to the treatment selection algorithm, that sits within RAMM, based on the findings of the Waka Kotahi Research Project published in 2016.  The second objective is to make available the coding for the updated renamed Candidate Selection Algorithm.  This presentation discusses the project, improvements from the previous Treatment Selection Algorithm you all know and love and what the outputs will be.

Mike is a technical with Beca with over 25 years experience in road asset management.  Mike has led asset management, condition survey, traffic counting, network management professional support services contracts across both national and local authority clients and networks.  Mike co-led three research projects for Waka Kotahi, including improvements to the visual condition rating and treatment selection algorithms.  Mike is currently coordinating the new Candidate Selection Algorithm (CSA)  project, a project to make available an improved updated CSA from the old Treatment Selection Algorithm buried deep (so deep!) within RAMM.