The Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) project. Michaela James, NZ Transport Agency

The Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) project is a collaborative project between the NZ Transport Agency and the Road Efficiency Group (REG) to improve the management of land transport infrastructure asset information, so we can make the best decisions about New Zealand’s land transport assets – our roads, highways, bridges, cycleways and what sits on and under them.
The project will develop and implement a national data standard for land transport assets. It will establish a common language the sector can share. A way of defining and describing land transport assets, their attributes, characteristics, properties, location and performance to enable efficient and effective end-to-end life cycle asset management.
Promoting greater data standardisation and sharing in land transport will realise significant benefits through improved efficiencies, network planning and resilience.
The AMDS project will prepare the foundations for the land transport sector to be able to work towards a digital engineering and BIM (Building Information Modelling) approach.

Michaela is a civil engineer with a strong interest in asset information and data management. Currently Asset Data Consultant to the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) project, she been with  the NZ Transport Agency for 10 years. As Asset Information Manager, then Senior Asset Manager she managed the annual High Speed Data contract, the Long Term Pavement Performance contract and the annual State Highway Valuation.
Prior to this she gained experience in a variety of disciplines in the civil domain, variously as a structural engineer, drainage design engineer and project manager.