Telling the story: Supplementing pavement deterioration modelling. Kevin Wu, WSP


The pavement deterioration modelling space has been explored for over 20 years now, and there are still advancements being made in the modelling space. The growth of the technical capital in this space has increased dramatically in recent years due to advancements in data and technology. However, how can we ensure that all the useful output from our various models are being delivered effectively to the client?
In recent years, the primary challenge has not been getting the results – it has been ensuring that these results are understood and are being addressed appropriately. It has been about “telling the story”.
This presentation will briefly touch upon the deterioration modelling process but focus on covering a variety of strategies and analyses that WSP has employed to discuss the changes in the bigger picture and facilitate a shift in the overall strategy. Some of these analyses are more complex, such as a base preservation study in dTIMS, while others are straight forward. Every aspect of the data has its own role in the overall story for the network.

Kevin is a Graduate Asset Management Engineer at WSP, coming from an University of Auckland Engineering Science background. He has worked a civil engineering consultancy specialising in land development before joining WSP in the Transport Asset Management field. He has gained experience in Forward Works Programming, dTIMS Modelling, Statistical Models, and Asset Valuation over the past two years.