Feeling roadblocked when it comes to entering KiwiRail’s corridor? Bryce Ongley, KiwiRail

Having been a civil contractor in the water industry for over 20 years, Bryce has felt the same pain as you accessing KiwiRail’s corridor. This is the very reason he threw down his tools to make the move over to be the National Corridor Manager for KiwiRail. He has been on a mission to improve the customer experience in accessing the corridor, without compromising safety of course.  In fact, Bryce’s session will give you an update of the progress that has been made towards a better experience and the recent lift of safety and compliance. Albeit, there is further work to do, that’s a given, however this session will touch on ways to continue the move in the same direction. We need everyone to keep lifting their safety game and this can be done by submitting high quality safety plans and methodologies, to give KiwiRail the confidence in you. Come along and meet Bryce, he’s there to engage and hear how your experience is going. Ensure that you are included on the list of invites for KiwiRail’s contractor engagement meetings.

Bryce is Kiwirail’s National Corridor Access Manager tasked with managing the safety of all Contractors in the Rail Corridor from Otiria to Bluff. Having been a Contractor himself, one of the biggest challenges of his role is turning around the Permit process and building successful contractor relationships throughout the network while spreading the word about Rail Safety.
He’s got over 20 year’s experience being a contractor and managing Contractors and knows first-hand about the challenges of safety in complex environments.