The road to a sustainable Aotearoa. Dr Kate Meyer, Beca

Movement of people and freight will continue to be essential to maintaining our society, but we must reduce the environmental impacts and plan for resilient systems. Energy use associated with transport systems contributes roughly 20% of NZ’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is a significant source of air and water pollution. Of this, 90% is land transport. Further, over 2000km of NZ roads are exposed to sea level rise risk, with a replacement value of approximately $1b. Dr Kate Meyer will talk about opportunities and challenges as we seek to future-proof our road infrastructure, decarbonise our transport systems, and maintain societal connectivity over the coming decades.

Kate is a sustainability scientist, an engineer, and an author. During her early career, Kate led the sustainable design for many award-winning buildings and precincts in NZ, Australia, and Singapore. In her role as Business Director for Sustainability, Kate leads Beca’s efforts to positively impact community, economic, and environmental outcomes across all the geographies we touch. Kate also specializes in connecting sustainability science with business, government and behaviour applications and is a Trustee and the Founding Director of the Planetary Accounting Network, a charitable trust dedicated to helping people, businesses, and governments operate within the planet’s limits.