Setting the Scene. Tracy Bell, Timaru DC & Ria Apiata, KiwiRail

As sponsors of the “Utilities Access to Transport Corridors” stream on Day 2, NZUAG will set the scene for the day, outline how the Code is performing across the country, explain the changes that have been made to the Code as the result of the latest review and update participants on the NZUAG work programme designed to improve the effectiveness of the Code for industry and the public.

Tracy has been the Road Corridor Technician for Timaru District Council for almost 10  years.  She is responsible for the Corridor Management of the Timaru District, this requires her to ensure the efficiency of the Corridor Access Management system, which incorporates the Traffic Management Approval and Auditing process.
Due to the size of the Timaru District, this role allows Tracy the ability to interact directly with contractors and Utilities on a daily basis.
Tracy has been instrumental in ensuring that all Contractors and Utilities working within the Timaru District Network adhere to the Code of Practice for Utility Operators Access to Transport Corridors, she is also a member of the New Zealand Utility Advisory Group Board.
Prior to starting with Local Government Tracy spent 9 years gaining related experience in the contracting industry.


Ria Apiata heads KiwiRail’s national protection business, based in Auckland. She has built a high performing team over the last few years, to control corridor access and deliver protection for people from trains on New Zealand’s rail network. Ria is a mother of four, wife to one and leader to many.
She sits on the New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group Board as rail’s representative. She has experience in both road and rail companies and understands the challenges of accessing corridors to work on infrastructure, as well as meeting freight customer’s expectations. Ria has a bachelor of business which she undertook over 9 years while having her children and managing her own business in the creative space and is now undertaking a masters degree at the University of Auckland. Ria is always looking for ways to contribute to the greater good with energy and diversity of thought, and loves the challenge of injecting a waiata to lift the wairua.