One network framework service outcomes and performance. Informing decision making. Adele Jones, WSP

This presentation will provide an overview of the One Network Framework (ONF) Service Outcomes and Performance Framework which includes Service Outcomes aligned to the Ministry of Transport’s, Transport Outcomes Framework and provides a library of performance measures to assist in decision-making across the transport system.
This Road Efficiency Group (REG) led project provides the next evolution of the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) system, which has become a core element of the New Zealand land transport management system over the past eight years, providing a consistent and well-understood classification baseline for a wide range of planning processes.
ONF provides a further culture change that brings ‘Movement and Place’ together in classifying our networks, tol allow us to better consider different mode priorities, surrounding land use, community wellbeing, economic activity and network aspirations.
The development of a new Service Outcomes and Performance Framework to help inform decision-making and monitor transport trends across our communities is a critical part of the ONF evolution. It is designed to sit alongside and give purpose to ONF street families and road classes. The street families have been used as the basis for understanding how location may impact Service Outcomes and performance. This allows us to determine which Service Outcomes, and hence measures, apply to which areas of a network.
ONF Service Outcomes and Performance pulls together elements of several key performance frameworks into a single space. This presentation will show how these frameworks have been considered, in developing performance measures to sit alongside the ONF outcomes. The project is now moving into a stage of identifying measure parameters and data requirements. This process is being completed collaboratively with other Waka Kotahi projects, including the Benefits Framework.

Over the years, Adèle has provided asset management advisory services to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Road Efficiency Group, as well as numerous New Zealand local authorities. This work has included national and regional level strategic asset management planning, and development of Activity Management Plans and Long-Term Plans, supporting investment decision making.
Adèle recently spent two years in Canada working on projects with Edmonton International Airport, the Yukon Government Transportation Division, Alberta Transportation and various other municipalities, providing strategic planning advice and assisting in the development of asset management programmes and performance-based contracts.  Many of these projects included significant focus on aligning with the International Standard for asset management, ISO 55000 series.
Adèle has been involved in REG’s One Network Framework project development team over the last year, particularly focussing on development of the Service Outcomes and Performance framework.