Modelling bridge maintenance and renewal forecasting. Ben Clague, WSP – co presenter Gemma Mathieson, IDS/WSP

The aim of the project was to provide a useful and powerful forecasting tool for Hastings District Council to understand their bridge maintenance and renewals strategy in the future.
The objective was to develop a dTIMS tool to aid in the forecasting of maintenance and renewals of Hastings District Council road bridges. The tool would provide bridge specific funding needs for the first 3 years and also for a 10-year period (years 4-10) but with a lesser accuracy.  After that period (years 11-50), funding expenditure would also be provided but the information is unlikely to be bridge and/or year specific.  The tool would be dynamic in nature and would continue to predict expenditure needs 50 years ahead, bridge specific funding would always be available for the next 10 years.

Ben joined the WSP New Zealand team from the UK as a site engineer with experience gained throughout a variety of sectors working on major projects in highways, rail and airports. In New Zealand, Ben has taken his site experience into design undertaking a variety of tasks from assessing the load-carrying capacity of bridges by undertaking structural analysis for HPMV and Overload vehicles, bridge inspections, designing strengthening solutions and providing site quality management to strengthening design and Contract Preparation.

Gemma is the IDS Technical Manager and a Senior Asset Information Engineer at WSP. Gemma is highly regarded for her skills in Asset Management, Project Management, Quality Management, RAMM Management, data analysis and analytics, and dTIMS expertise. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science and Masters in Transportation, Gemma has the skills to implement efficient methods to quickly and effectively process, analyse and manage datasets and provide reporting outcomes.