30-year Infrastructure Strategy. Ross Copland, Chief Executive, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission


Our way of life relies on the things we’ve built.
The roads, the pipes, the powerlines.
The schools, the hospitals, the train stations.
This is the infrastructure we depend on to get to where we want to go, and have places where we want to live, learn and work.
Te Waihanga wants to hear your ideas on what should be in the 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, so together, we can make New Zealand a place that we, and future generations, can thrive.

Ross Copland has a background in the design, procurement, financing, and delivery of infrastructure as an engineer, an asset manager and a Chief Executive. He has worked in commercial construction and property on both sides of the Tasman, finishing up as National Operations Manager for Westfield in 2013.  He returned to New Zealand to pursue a career developing tourism infrastructure. Ross holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with First Class Honours, a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.