Is ‘Not in my front yard’ the new NIMBY? Experiences and learnings from electricity asset installation and replacement in transport corridors. Adam Du Fall, Powerco


How do we manage assets that everyone needs, but few want? Juggling an (at times) congested transport corridor with the needs and wants of a community can be difficult. The Utility Operator’s Access to Transport Corridors Code of Practice sets out the framework for accessing, installing and maintaining infrastructure in transport corridors, but how do we manage the growing interest and opinion’s from customers? Is the Code the right mechanism to use?

Adam is the Property and Consents Manager for Powerco and also oversees the environmental planning aspects of the business. With 18 months at the helm, Adam is a relative newcomer to the electricity industry; however he brings experiences from the natural gas transmission industry and both district and regional councils. Adam is a first year NZUAG board member representing the electricity sector.