How do you prioritise work on bridges? Kyle Blyth, WSP


New Zealand has an aging infrastructure network with many iconic and heavily used bridges. It is commonly assumed by Asset Owners that, at the end of their original design life, bridges are in immediate need of replacement. WSP Opus have developed systems with our clients and industry partners to determine the true remaining structural capacity for current and future loads. By managing corrosion, carrying out detailed condition inspections and structural assessments, we can provide a full health-check of the asset. However, the main question that needs to be answered before assessing the state of an asset owner’s bridge stock is – where to start?

This presentation will outline an answer to this question in the form of a Bridge Risk Prioritisation Tool. The tool uses a scoring system based on a core set of characteristics that are common to all bridges, and another set which is variable.

Kyle is a Bridge Engineer located in Napier, New Zealand, with a Bachelor and master’s in civil engineering. Kyle has developed his astute civil engineering skills since working in the profession. Initially working as a contractor in the UK for 2 years, he expanded his engineering skills to include those of bridge strengthening design and now has 5 years of experience.
Since moving to New Zealand, Kyle has tailored and enhanced these skills primarily in bridge strengthening designs and structural asset management.