Havelock North Trunk Water Main – Maximising collaboration to minimise disruption. James Hopgood and Shaun Penprase, Stantec

A new DN500 trunk main was constructed by Hastings District Council in 2018. This was part of an overarching strategy to enable the decommissioning of the Brookvale bore field, and replace this with an alternative supply from Hastings. The trunk main was to also improve resilience for operations and maintenance as there was only 1 water trunk main into Havelock North and was undersized for future flows required.

Timing of design and installation was critical to meet Council’s water strategy timeframes with the main needing to be operational before the summer of 2018. To meet this tight timeframe multiple construction crews (5 at one stage) were utilised resulting in temporary traffic management challenges throughout the route.

The focus of this presentation is not on the trunk main itself but rather the collaborative work done by the team to complete the project as quickly as possible while trying their best to minimise the need to re-enter the same road corridors in the near future and disrupt local businesses and schools.

While selecting the optimum route the team also needed to factor in the need of a future 300+ property development, parking / access modifications to a local school and avoiding roads that had recently been upgraded. Therefore, the design and construction of the main included not only the DN500 main but also, new keas crossings, cycleways, road intersection layout changes, gravity sewer and stormwater main upgrades, and pressure rising mains for future developments.

The project was not all smooth sailing with some upgrades required to a road that was only 5 years old and discovering large diameter stormwater services that were not in any records.

James is a Civil Engineer with 17 years’ experience in managing and designing civil engineering projects. He has led multidisciplinary project teams as well as been a member of such teams on many planning, design and construction projects. His current role as Delivery Lead – Water has him responsible for managing the planning, design and construction program of works being delivered through the Hastings District Council / Stantec Alliance.

Shaun has 44 years of qualified trade background, people management, customer service and contract management experience. His background prior to Stantec is with Auckland’s Watercare Services Ltd, where he had the role of project engineer for the Infrastructure Delivery Group, Construction Delivery Unit. Prior to that he was Watercare’s asset inspection technician of New Connections/Developments. His successes during this period include the transition from residential asset inspection to project engineer for a broad range of Auckland’s commercial water infrastructure projects, attainment as “WaterPace Champion” and the award of “Role Model” for overall performance.