Getting it right – continually improving the sectors data quality. Tony Lange


Data is increasingly important in underpinning the New Zealand’s transport sectors approach to consistent levels of service, asset management and investment decision making.
The Road Efficiency Group (REG) is still working hard to help the sector improve the quality of New Zealand’s transport-related data to support evidence-based decision-making and lift investor confidence through robust data.
The latest 2019/20 data quality assessment has shown a positive improvement in data quality across the country; however, there is more work to be done by the sector to continually improve their data to support their asset management, AMPs and LTP’s.
While REG is annually assessing and reporting the data quality results nationally and for each Road Controlling Authority, we are also focused on helping the sector to continually improve its data quality.
As there is still a long way to go to get it right.  REG has continued its focus on the production of guidance and case studies to help RCAs overcome their data quality challenges.
This presentation will focus on how we can achieve better data quality across New Zealand and will consider;

  1. Where data quality is improving and where there are still some challenges.
  2. How some RCAs have been able to improve their data quality.
  3. The tools and guidance we have prepared to help RCAs, what are we doing now and what’s next?

Tony is a Senior Investment Auditor with NZTA tasked with the assessment of maintenance and Low Cost Low Risk programmes across NZ. Are these work programmes delivering a fit for purpose network that is safe, meets the needs of users and is affordable?
Tony has been in this role for 13 years and prior to this was an Area Engineer for Christchurch City Council. Some would say he was a poacher and is now a gamekeeper.
Tony enjoys rugby, cycling and motorsport.