IDS Model Updates. Gemma Mathieson, WSP/IDS


Robust NZ models were established in 2008, based on 7 years of LTPP data. Demand on our network has dramatically changed over the past 10 years. As part of the 2021 NLTP project, the IDS rutting models have been updated using the latest LTPP data.
The probabilistic accelerated rutting model and linear rut progression models were investigated and updated. New variables and model forms were explored as well as recalibration of the existing formats. The best performing models were chosen for testing on network data. The final models showed a considerable improvement on their predecessors and were coded into the NLTP dTIMS template. These models will be released nationally in the IDS NZ dTIMS template.
The probabilistic crack initiation model for chipseal was also investigated during this project. Ultimately it was decided not to make changes to this model while the country transitions from visual to laser data collection.
Key findings from this projects include:

  • Data is an asset and should be maintained as such.
  • Simplicity is key.
  • SNP is stubborn.

Gemma is the IDS Technical Manager and a Senior Asset Information Engineer at WSP. Gemma is highly regarded for her skills in Asset Management, Project Management, Quality Management, RAMM Management, data analysis and analytics, and dTIMS expertise. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science and Masters in Transportation, Gemma has the skills to implement efficient methods to quickly and effectively process, analyse and manage datasets and provide reporting outcomes.