Deriving value from high speed data. Alison Tomlinson, Queenstown Lakes DC


Why collect? What can it do?
Collecting High Speed Data can be expensive, there is no doubt about that, but what value can it bring to our asset management?
In this presentation QLDC will discuss some of the applications of HSD used over the last couple of years; from the usual inputs for condition data to exploring other uses.  The presentation will provide some examples, discuss the pros and cons of HSD and promote how local authorities can get their monies worth by diversifying and extending the use of HSD in their asset management activities.

Senior Asset manager (Transportation) at Queenstown Lakes District Council. 
Alison has been at QLDC for five years, living in the paradise that is Wanaka.  Although from Wellington, NZ, she spent her early career living and working in North Wales, UK.  After stints with parks, highway maintenance and street works, she developed and led the Conwy County Borough Council’s first Highways asset management team.  This was soon expanded to include asset management services and asset system management to the neighbouring Denbighshire County  Council and later expanded to council’s non highway assets.   Alison has a strong belief in evidence led decision making and that good data underpins those decisions.