Culture eats strategy for breakfast – putting people front and centre. Craig Thew, Hastings District Council


The REG programme has focused on supporting the changing demographics across the transport sector. Over the last four years 60% of roading and transport personal across local government have changed. At the same time, expectations of the have changed. The REG programme has evolved with the times, ensuring best practice learning and development is provided. As a REG governor it is great to speak on empowering individuals to exercise leadership for the sector, the change in how we plan, source and deliver the services to our communities, and the sectors response to national initiatives such as the ONRC, data quality and fit for purpose Activity Management Plans (AMP). We need to also celebrate the  way the transport sector has stepped up to, and supported the challenge.
Looking forward the REG programme will focus on establishing a culture for continual improvement, building an ethos of each Road Controlling Authority owning a fit for purpose AMP as a living document.  With that we need to be able to measure and reward good performance.

Craig Thew is the Group Manager of Asset Management at Hastings District Council. His portfolio covers the services provided to the community for Open Spaces, Council Buildings, Cemeteries and Crematorium, Solid Waste, Transportation, and the 3 Waters. Craig has over 25 years’ experience in Civil Engineering across local and central government agencies and is currently one of the local government representatives on the Road Efficiency governance group, he has also previously represented local government and NZ on the Austroads asset task force committee.