Cracking the Code. Rachel Nottingham, Tanya Bowers and James Ting

With the NZUAG Code looking towards its tenth birthday, has it achieved its intended purposes? Do we have a nationally consistent approach to managing access to transport corridors?  Is disruption to corridors minimised and benefits to the public being maximised? Join a discussion with NZUAG’s working group and give us your views. What should change? What would you do to make the Code more effective?  We value your opinion, so come along and have your say.

NZUAG Board established the Code Effectiveness Working Group to examine whether the NZUAG Code is achieving its purposes and principles.  The Working Group is comprised of experts drawn from a broad spectrum of road corridor authorities and utilities from across New Zealand.  The Group has met regularly for the past seven months to evaluate and debate, how effective the Code is and what is needed to measure and improve its effectiveness.  The Group welcomes the opportunity to share some of its insights and seek feedback from the wider industry on these issues.

Presenters – Rachel Nottingham – Working Group Facilitator (and former NZUAG Board member), Tanya Bowers – Chorus and James Ting, Christchurch City Council