Bringing inspections into the 21st century. William Silcock, Fulton Hogan

A.I. makes road condition inspections objective, repeatable and safe. How should powerful A.I. defect data be used to unlock its full potential?

Defect inspections are an essential part of managing a road network. Data from inspections drives short and long term programming, network road safety outcomes and modelling asset deterioration. Inspection data that is incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate is detrimental to the accuracy of our programming and modelling, ultimately resulting in suboptimal levels of service and additional cost.

Historically, many soft skill initiatives such as inspector training and developing maintenance intervention guidelines have been put in place to manage quality of collected data. Fulton Hogan has now developed a suite of tools to collect defect and condition information utilising A.I. This suite of tools labelled Automated Road Inspections, or ARI for short, provides a step change in the ability to routinely generate high quality condition data across a full network with minimal risk to the inspector.

This presentation explores Fulton Hogan’s journey to automate the capture of inspection information. This leads us from inception to our current position of identifying, quantifying and severity rating individual defects.

Our key challenge now is how to maximise utilisation of the powerful datasets produced by ARI? This presentation will discuss the next steps to leverage the data produced by ARI to improve how we manage our networks.

Willy Silcock is an Asset Engineer within the Engineering Solutions Team at Fulton Hogan. Willy’s extensive road maintenance and asset management knowledge has been developed through the Fulton Hogan Graduate Programme, then serving as Contract Manager for the Banks Peninsula Maintenance Contract and as a National RAMM Resource. Willy leverages his operational and technical knowledge to support the Fulton Hogan business through his current role, National Contract Delivery Engineer. Developing innovative and practical solutions to common maintenance problems is central to Willy’s role.