Better, Longer, Faster! Andrew Healy, beforeUdig


Corridor Manager’s seek better practices on their roads, longer periods of free flowing traffic and faster excavations. That only happens when workers are competent and skilled and is why our organisation has launched a highly successful Australian Locator Certification programme in New Zealand. More than ever Locator’s are being used by contractors to identify assets in the road corridor. Ensuring contractor confidence in a Locator’s skill set is vital to reducing damages, decreasing disruption to the road corridor and more importantly eliminating serious injuries to workers or the community. Hear about why we have invested significant time and collateral to bring this competency standard to New Zealand, the benefits it brings to our industry, and how you can work with us, other industry bodies and utilities to bring about the better, longer, faster environment we all seek.

Andrew has an extensive background working with Local Government and Utilities delivering solutions across multiple departments. He is key to ensuring NZ utilities, central and local government capture the asset protection and H&S benefits of beforeUdig. Across NZ Andrew strives to bring a ‘next level’ of value and benefit to the industry, delivering innovative software solutions and programmes and promoting best practice for protection of infrastructure and life.